ICMH Membership

We welcome open-minded individuals to join together as one in exploring and empowering the human spirit!

Associate membership in the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism (ICMH) is free to all regardless of beliefs, ethnicity, gender, and/or gender-preference.. If you have a yearning to grow and learn about the nature of human existence and consciousness as well as learn skills for better living, we invite you to join us.

Benefits of Membership

  • As a registered Associate Member, you will be able to register for membership in OnePlanetCommunity.com, our private Facebook-like network where you will be able to meet and interact with other members of ICMH as well as Church staff and members of ICMH's educational programs.

  • You will receive weekly notifications of our Spirit of Life live video broadcast including the topics for the week.

  • Staff positions, when available, are also a possibility and are only offered to active members.

  • Plus, you will be a member of a worldwide organization dedicated to empowering and enhancing the human condition!

About Associate Membership

At the current time, we only offer Associate Memberships. This means that people who identify with ICMH's Principles of Belief can join as a friend of ICMH free of charge. Full memberships are under development and will be offered in the future for individuals who want to take it a step further.

How to Join

To become an ICMH Associate Member, please review our Principles of Belief as well as the FAQs on Beliefs. If our Principles resonate with you, then click on the join button below. You will need to confirm the validation email you will receive before your membership is confirmed. In addition, Admin will need to activate your registration which happens within a few hours (usually pretty fast).

Once confirmed, please register at OnePlanetCommunity.com to interact with other members. It is free.

A condition of ICMH membership is that you receive our weekly Spirit of Life broadcast email update and other infrequent email updates. Therefore, you must have a working email address to continue being a member. If three or more emails come back as undeliverable, your account will be deactivated until we receive a working email address. Therefore, be sure to update your Profile with any email address changes.

We hope you will add your own unique individualism to the whole by joining us today!

Associate Membership is Free


How to Delete Your Membership

We hate to see you go! Please note the following ramifications of deleting your membership before proceeding:

  • If you are a member of OnePlanetCommunity.com and not affiliated with any other ICMH educational programs (IMHS, TFU, ParaNexus.org, EmpoweredRecovery.com, IMPA), your OnePlanetCommunity.com membership there will also be deleted by Admin. Put another way, if you are a student/graduate of IMHS or TFU, OR you are a member of ParaNexus, Empowered Recovery, or IMPA, your One Planet Community membership will not be deleted.

  • If you are an Ordained Associate Member and want to leave ICMH, your ICMH ordination will also be terminated.

To delete your ICMH membership, please complete the membership form at https://www.metaphysicalhumanism.org/membership/register and choose the delete option.

We will then delete your membership promptly. We appreciated having you as a member!