ICMH Mission


The International Church of Metaphysical Humanism, Inc. (ICMH) is a modern ministry that seeks to explore, understand, and empower the human spirit. The Church was originally incorporated under the name of the Metaphysical Church of Humanistic Science in May 2010. The current name was adopted in June 2014.

Metaphysical Humanism encourages spiritual self-discovery free of the constraints of organized religion, Determinism, and scientism (mainstream science). Metaphysical Humanism stresses a healthy balance of physical, metaphysical, spiritual, psychological, and metapsychological concepts as a pathway to Self-Completeness. Practical life-skills are also stressed as a way of making metaphysics meaningful in one's life. Associate Membership in the Church is free to all simply by registering.

ICMH's Mission and Purpose

The Church's official mission and purpose statement is:

To explore, understand, and empower the human spirit in accordance with the Church's established metaphysical Principles of Belief; to provide educational programs that teach metaphysical principles as practical life-skills; to license and ordain ministers, and to practice all ecclesiastical functions; to promote spiritual self-discovery free of the philosophical constraints of mainstream religion and scientism; and to emphasize a healthy balance of physical, metaphysical, spiritual, psychological, and metapsychological concepts as a pathway to Self-Completeness (self-actualization).

Metaphysics has come to mean "beyond the physical" and we emphasize ontology, the branch of metaphysics which studies the nature of existence. This focus is specific yet broad enough to allow those with diverse belief systems to join including (but not limited to) atheists, agnostics, pantheists, and others as well as those who prefer to not use labels. By setting aside our differences, we can work together to better understand and enhance the human experience!

Physical Locations

Since its founding in the spring of 2010, the Church has been an online organization with a global membership. As technology advances, so too must our ministerial approach. In time, we may utilize physical locations as our worldwide membership increases, but we find that most people who are attracted to our type of ministry are not interested in attending a physical church.

Our weekly Spirit of Life Service is conducted in the form of an online radio broadcast available worldwide. We strongly encourage all Church members as well as the public to join us for the live broadcast if their time zones permit, and if not, to listen to the weekly program archive.

Educational Programs

The Church encourages education by operating two online schools in which students can study the nature of consciousness and existence across a variety of practical topics. The Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science (IMHS) offers non-secular Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees in Metaphysical Humanistic Science with a variety of specializations available. Thomas Francis University focuses on providing affordable, self-paced Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees as well as standalone certificate and certification courses in a variety of metaphysical, esoteric, mystical, paranormal, business, and practical life topics that all relate to the human condition. In addition, we also operate two other educational programs: Empowered Recovery, which assists the family and friends of alcoholics to recognize, understand, and resolve an alcoholic relationship; and ParaNexus, an association of anomalous researchers which explores the mysteries of our universe.

Why "Church" is in the Name

Some have wondered why a metaphysical spiritual organization would use the term "church" in the name--after all, most people who are attracted to metaphysics are turned off by mainstream religion. And then there are the atheists and agnostics who are attracted to metaphysics and definitely do not like religion or "churches." There are two primary reasons why we chose to include "church" in our name.

First, "church" is a common term associated with religion, and many who are new to metaphysics find it familiar thus making the transition easier. Secondly, we want there to be no mistaking that Metaphysical Humanism is a valid spiritual philosophy and ICMH is a bona-fide religious organization with its own set of beliefs that are every bit as legal as any mainstream religion. Religious consideration is not limited to the more common Abrahamic Religions (Judism, Christianity, Islam). Society is biased to think that a religion must be one of the mainstream religions, often Christianity. But society is slowly coming around to the realization that religion can be something other than the common forms of worship. Indeed, advanced religion does not worship anyone or anything. See our FAQ's for more information on our beliefs.

We welcome open-minded individuals to join together as one in exploring and empowering the human spirit!



Associate Membership is Free