ICMH Humanitarian Awards

The concepts of Doing Right and Pay it Forward are among the foundational principles and Sacred Obligations of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism (ICMH). It is only fitting, therefore, that ICMH offers humanitarian awards to recognize those individuals who Deliver Greatness in meaningful ways for the benefit of others. The criteria for the two humanitarian awards ICMH confers vary slightly (see below).

ICMH looks for opportunities to confer these awards. In time, the lists below will undoubtedly grow. If you know someone who should be considered for one of these awards, please contact admin@icmhchurch.org. Be sure to give a detailed explanation as to why the person is qualified for one of these awards.


The Pay it Forward Award The F. Richard Kelley Award


To recognize a specific and meaningful act of kindness directed toward another person(s). It is generally easier to qualify for this award. This award was initiated in December 2014.


"IN RECOGNITION and honor of this individual’s efforts to lighten the load of others by paying it forward in meaningful ways thus Delivering Greatness to the World."


Janine Du Toit, South Africa, December 2014. Reason for award:

For embracing and promoting the concept of packing an extra sandwich in her children's lunches to be shared with less fortunate children at school. "Making a positive difference in life is one of the most important transformations anyone can go through. Can you imagine how life would be if everyone tries to make a positive difference in a person’s life that they do not know? What a pleasure life would be if we could all take on such an attitude towards the humankind. My mission is to try and get this message out to as many people and friends that I know in a subtle and friendly way. Planting this seed will most certainly make a huge difference in my Metaphysical work." --Janine Du Toit

Jenni Cupo, U.S., August 2015. Reason for award:

For her efforts as a Cub Scout leader in supporting Tiny Hands which collects food and toys for those less fortunate at Christmas time. "We meet at the Boys and Girls Club in the gym and it is setup like an assembly line. The boys either stand behind the table to open boxes and keep the table full or they go from one station to another and fill the baskets. After all the baskets are full, they can take them to the families. The boys and their families have the choice to do these activities; I never force anyone to be involved, but when they do, they put their hearts into it and start to understand to the best of their ability how fortunate they are to have the basics such as food, a roof over their head, and their own beds to sleep in. ...My goal here is to show them compassion and how they can make a positive impact in society now and in the future." --Jenni Cupo

Dr. Zachary Greiner, U.S., February 2018. Given for generous support of ICMH Church's global educational work.

Dr. Donald Mathews, U.S., August 2021 Given for generous support of ICMH Church's global educational work.

Dr. Norman Wilson, U.S., October 2021. Given for generously assisting others in spiritual growth.

Jeraldine Conklin, U.S., May 2023. Given for generously assisting others financially and spiritually.

Dr. Albert Schriber, U.S., May 2023. Given for generously volunteering to deliver food, medical supplies, and otherwise assisting under-privileged children.



To recognize a person for having a history of kind and meaningful acts toward others. This award is usually conferred on someone after several years of kind acts. It is more difficult to qualify for this award. This award was initiated in January 2013.


"IN RECOGNITION and honor of this individual’s history of Doing No Harm and Doing Right including showing kindness, generosity, and paying it forward to others in the spirit of F. Richard Kelley. This award recognizes and honors the good works exhibited by this individual that have served to encourage others and empower the human condition. Thus, it can be said that lives have been enriched and our World is a much better place for this person having lived than not."


Dr. Charles Broadway, PhD, USA, January 2013

Dr. Karthikeyan Venkatesan, PhD, India, August 2014

Tony Saint Tone, USA, August 2017

Janie Boisclair, USA, August 2017

Dr. Claudio Toledo, USA, July 2018

Dr. Kazie Ann Morie Kasimbie, Jamaica, February 2021